Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christ in Evolution and the Emergence of Technosapiens

Ilia Delio, in the closing words of her book, Christ in Evolution, says, of Teilhard du Chardin,

His "mysticism of action" includes the creative development of technology and realizes that human creativity and the emergence of technosapiens give new expression to Christ in evolution.  Christ is the unifying mystery of what we are about with God if we are to have any hope in God.  Because we humans are in evolution we must see Christ in evolution as well -- Christ's humanity is our humanity, Christ's life is our life.  ....
Christ is the power of God among us and within us, the fullness of the earth and of life in the universe.  We humans have the potential to make Christ alive; it is what we are created for.  

This is beautiful and I want this to be true.  I think we are making this to be true whether we realize it or not.  Despite, on the one hand, the secularization of recent centuries.  And on the other hand, despite large segments of the Christian World holding to what it views as Tradition and rejecting knowledge that continues to unfold as technosapiens evolves. 

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