Friday, May 26, 2017

Rudolf Steiner and how to Win an Argument

Thought for today.  Re-discovered this when reviewing Clippings in my Kindle.  I've still not finished it.  Can't say that I understand this book very well.  The book is How to Know Higher Worlds  by Rudolf Steiner.  I don't recall the context but it speaks for itself a truth that needs to be communicated.  The title to this post is tongue-in-cheek.  The goal should not be to win the argument.

This thought is: “It does not matter if what I think differs from what the other person thinks. What matters is that, as a result of what I can contribute to the conversation, the other discovers what is right out of themselves.” Permeating ourselves with thoughts of this kind seals our character and conduct with the mark of gentleness. Such gentleness is one of the main methods of esoteric schooling. Gentleness removes obstacles, opening our soul and spirit organs. But harshness—callousness—frightens away the soul forms that should awaken the eyes of the soul.

How to Know Higher Worlds (Rudolf Steiner)
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