Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update Sept 27

It has been an eventful past several weeks.  On Sept 5,  a Wednesday, my retirement date was moved up a week and a  half to Sept 19.  In the remaining two weeks I had a trip to Dayton, OH to the Turbine Engine Technology Symposium for  couple of
days.  Also had to plan and pack for a field test at the U. of TN Space Institute/Arnold Engineering Development Center.  Fortunately it was postponed to this week, ie after I retired from ORNL.  After leaving ORNL on Wed, I flew to Orlando on Friday for a weekend of International Automation Society business.  Flew home Monday where after a few hours I drove to Tullahoma for this week's tests.  On top of that, workmen are replacing brick on one get de of our house.  Our grandson had hernia surgery yesterday in Memphis.  That is part of the busy story of the last several weeks.  Did get to read the latest Phyllis Tickle book on Emergence Christianity:  What it is and Where it is Going and Why it matters.  

Here is an interesting link.

This is my first post from my Android Tablet.  Still on the learning curve with it.

Friday, September 07, 2012

John Caputo Quote not relativism or skepticism, as its uncomprehending critics almost daily charge, but minutely close attention to detail, a sense for the complexity and multiplicity of things, for close reading, for detailed histories, for sensitivity to differences.  The postmodernists think the devil is in the details, but they also have reason to hope that none of this will antagonize God. 

John Caputo

quoted from the epigraph of Tony Jones' book The New Christians:  Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier

Next thing to do is find out where Tony got the quote.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Next Stage

This has been and will continue to be a big year of change for Steve and Dorothy.  Our grandson, Lucas, was born July 6.  Now I know why all the grandparents I've run into through the years are so happy.  What a rush it is.

Next thing. In two weeks I'm retiring from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  That is after company service of thirty three years.  I'm pumped, excited and don't plan to hang up my lab coat just yet.  My buddies who retired before me formed a company last year.  They got their first contract last month.  Will join Emerging Measurements Co.  Still plan to be active in the International Society of Automation (the ISA), the NATO Advanced Vehicle Panel on Test Cell Instrumentation, the Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group (PIWG), and research and development in luminescence based sensing.

And here is some fun.

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