Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equations are like Sonnets

Lifted the paragraph below from Krita Tippet's On Being.  It is about the joy of math.  I recall struggling in the first and second grade with it.  Then mid-way through the 3rd grade we began working on our multiplication tables and I perceived its patterns and rhythms. From then on I've loved it.

The Joy of Math: Keith Devlin on Learning and What It Means To Be Human
Mathematical equations are like sonnets says Keith Devlin. What most of us learn in school, he says, doesn’t begin to convey what mathematics is. And technology may free more of us to discover the wonder of mathematical thinking — as a reflection of the inner world of our minds.
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Monday, September 02, 2013

On the Way to Memphis

We arrived in the Knoxville-Oak Ridge area of East Tennessee in Dec of 1978.  It is where we have lived for nearly 35 years.  We did take a one year interlude to Charlottesville, VA when I was a visiting research professor at the U of VA in the 89-90 school year. Now, we are headed to the Memphis, TN area.  We will be close to our families.

Haven't been reading much.  All I can do to keep up with my work and pack the house too.  And there have been frequent trips to Memphis.  Downloaded another Richard Rohr book some time ago and what I've read so far is great and a help.  The other book I've read by him is falling upward.  A recent review by Carl McColman is here and a quote from it follows:

I think, especially for those who might be a little uncomfortable with concepts like mysticism or contemplation, Immortal Diamond can be a wonderful introduction to the visionary and optimistic of Richard Rohr’s teaching. Even long-standing fans of his work will enjoy this book, if for no other reason than to see his profoundly spiritual insights presented in a new way. If this is your first book by Rohr. You’re in for a treat. Follow up with either Everything Belongs or The Naked Now (and if you’re over 40 years old, Falling Upward as well).

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