Friday, June 08, 2012

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At times I have feared that the world is one great clockwork machine just as the spiritual legacy of Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson and other Enlightenment thinkers has informed us. But one afternoon in 1975 I was walking past the desk of a classmate in a lab in the engineering school at the University of Virginia and this was playing. It put me in a trance at that moment and I have never forgotten it. I have replayed this music through the years and it has promised me, it has tantalized me with the tease that there is the possibility of something else. It conveys feelings that words cannot explain very easily. It has always inspired me and given me hope that the mystery of life has a positive and uplifting end. Not reduced to dreary mechanical laws devoid of hope and meaning. It has always been one of my favorite sermons. Thank you Bob Welch.  Bob wrote and performed this with Fleetwood Mac when he was with them.  Today he died.

Ironically, this video features mesmerizing astronomy pictures.  The very thing that helped our 16th and 17th century scientists begin to discover the mathematical and mechanical nature of the World.  Many thanks are due to them.

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