Sunday, May 20, 2012

Myths to Live By

The year was 1986 and it was the Thursday a week before Thanksgiving when we learned that our second adoption attempt of the year had failed.  The young woman decided to keep her baby girl.  We were devastated.  It took five years to get pregnant with our first son.  The second one was Trisome 18 and lived five days.  We didn't know if we could get pregnant again.  Dorothy's folks drove over the next day from Memphis to Knoxville to console us.  That was nice.  We had a good time with them.  I was sad for a number of reasons.  One of the others is that I was looking for something else.  And I found it at the mall bookstore.  A book that propelled me in a mental and spiritual direction I was looking for but did not know existed.

Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell

A week later we found out Dorothy was pregnant again!  Happy Ending.

More about Myths to Live By later.

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