Sunday, July 16, 2006

Singing is Therapy

Last night Dorothy and I joined a group of ten others to sing at a funeral in the Tennessee hills about an hour NE of our Knoxville home. We weren't good but we sang with enthusiasm. Tom, our leader, could have sung professionally. He's a Science Applications chemist who flies periodically to Russia to help with nuclear things. Me, I can pinch out the notes of the tenor part, usually. The man who had passed evidently was a good man, a colorful man, and a man well respected and loved. The mortuary was full. He was the father of a lady from a church where we used to attend. The minister had a relationship with the man and gave a loving tribute to him. That he felt intimacy, respect, and love was clear. I believe it gave we singers especial verve and resolve to sing the final two hymns with even more enthusiasm and meaning. And we did, especially the last one, It is Well with My Soul. It put me in a much better state of mind.

Singing is Good For You.


scott lakes said...

Woe death, spare me on to another year. The song you mention does for you no doubt what B. Marley's religious anthemed "Burnin'" does for me. It is not sinister despite what is known of Rastafarian belief/ritual. Put it ON, is so beautiful as is Hallelujah Time. Carlos Castenada says thru his shaman don Juan Death & waiting are your two allies, and they are on your rt. hand. Imperamnence is my impetus.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Steve, I just found your blog from JD's massive list. I thought I would say hi and I am glad to see you blogging.

I agree that singing can be great therapy. God knew what he was doing when he gave some of us (not me) the gift of song.

I hope to get to know you a little better through these blogs.

Bobby Valentine
Stoned-Campbell Disciple

Steve said...


Just now noticed your response, it has been a busy week. Thanks for coming by. By the way, the minister at the funeral made sure to get in several comments about water baptism. I have heard of CofC ministers doing that but this is my first time to experience it. And at this late date. Mixed as it was with his loving tribute to his friend and his evident sincerity, it was well taken, I think.

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