Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks on Independence Day Truman Arkansas 1963

The most thrilling and scary fireworks display I ever saw was on the fourth of July, 1963 in Truman, AR. Being from the town of Pocahontas of a neighboring county, we were there for a Little League baseball game to be played following the display. I was twelve and recall standing behind the fence parallel to the first base line and looking toward left center field where they were set up to begin.

Not long after the show began, something went wrong. There was an explosion on the ground. All control was lost. That explosion set off other fireworks on the ground and that continued for what seemed to me a long time, maybe fifteen minutes? The display was marvelous. It was continuous and chaotic and beautiful. No fireworks display has ever or ever will compare to that one. But, the whole time one was wondering about the safety of the guys who were at ground zero. If memory serves correctly, they got away, thankfully, with only singed hair on their arms. Eventually it played out and they sprayed water on the remains. It was still wet where my brother played in the outfield. I was a catcher and didn't make it out there.


scott lakes said...

The teardrop explodes too... Why weren't atom bombs dropped on the German's? (I know this is unsolicited) But it goes to the heart of our interests: religion i.e self-observation or as Gandhi said self-realization. If the perspective (of the Austrians & Germans)was that the Jews lived in error of G-d's Will, then this crime against humanity is religious in discourse. It is spelled out. Tough questions here for those who become apologists for their self-actualization. This is what I call the problem of clinging to belief/we know there is no formula that plugs us in to life's grand reward--suffering goes on! (& I do not know if you would be an apologist, sir) Just theosophizing... See my "Hebron" blog if you will.

Steve said...

Well, I don't have any idea what your are talking about. But I do see we have some common likes in movies and music. The Last Temptation sound track is marvelous, if you haven't read the reviews in Amazon already, I'm sure you would enjoy them. I have an Ali Farka Toure CD that I appreciate. Sad to learn that he died recently.

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