Saturday, December 10, 2005

Quote on Evolution from Brian McLaren

From Brian McLaren's The Church of on Other Side: Doing Ministry in the Postmodern Matrix

But if by the term evolution we mean simply an observation of adaptive development from simple to complex, a pattern of change suggested by the data of the fossil record, then we have something potentially very different. We have one of the possible means by which God created. As such, evolutionary process can be seen not as an enemy of God, or as a god itself, but rather as a creation of God. In this view, it would be a creation intended to produce other creations, a "natural" tool used by a supernatural God, a creative process or tool of God's design (such as erosion or plate tectonics) for producing planet earth as we know it. If evolution is seen in this way, it can become yet another of the praiseworthy elements of the universe's desgin, inspiring awe and wonder, leading to adoration and worship of the Creator --not denial and disenfranchisement. Behold --an enemy becomes a friend. (p76 2000 edition)

Sounds good to me. Wish more people felt that way.


Paul said...

I used to feel that way, but then two things happened: I learned more about evolution and its problems, and I realized that you can't "design" by blind, random chance (which is how evolution is defined and understood).

Steve said...

Well then continue your pursuit. I don't believe in the totality of our existence being due to blind random chance either.

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