Sunday, December 04, 2005

Beyond Liberal and Conservative

Consider this.

"One of the most promising promises of postmodern theology, in my view, is the potential for moving beyond the 20th century categories of liberal, conservative, and evangelical (or at least decentering the categories in importance). Spirituality in America, an article by Leigh Schmidt published in the Wilson Quarterly, offers a brief history of "seeker spirituality" in America. The author suggests ..."




Paul said...

Yeah, and let's move beyond postmodernism too! If we define our own truth, as postmodernism suggests, then who cares about labels or categories or right ideas anyway?

Steve said...

Well, I don't care for the extreme postmodernists either. I got a big kick out of it when a physicist had his gobbledygook paper accepted for publication in one of postmodernists' journals. I care about right ideas too.

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