Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Big Bang or The Great Swelling?

My parents bought the Book of Knowledge Children's Encyclopedia, the edition published in 1952.  I enjoyed many hours with the 20 volumes while growing up.  Even before I could read, the pictures had a great effect on me.  I have them and will occasionally pick one at random to read.  The other day I was looking at an article "The Men Who Mapped the Skies."  Evidently this was before the term "Big Bang" was the standard phrase for describing the expanding universe.  On page 3860 below is reference to Edwin Hubble and Milton Humason and how they showed the it is "as though the whole universe were swelling up."
I wonder, how would our thinking about the origin of the universe change if instead of calling it the Big Bang, our name for it were "The Great Swelling?".

Full View of the Page.

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