Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Can you learn anything after age 25?

Mike Lofgren is a retired former House and Senate Staffer.  I enjoyed reading an interview with him as he related his career and how things have changed and was particularly struck by this quote from him which I take as a word of good advice to me and everyone.  Let us not cease learning.

Most people cease learning after age 25 or so, but if you continually question the premises of things, you end up where I am; it depends on how intellectually curious and open-minded you are. There was never a huge contradiction. I wasn't living a double life. I was still a government employee doing the best I could on budget issues.


Derek and Catherine said...

Derek and I only have one year left of learning! Haha just kidding. Coincidentally, I will be 25 when I graduate from law school. Hopefully I will fall into the 'life long learning' category though!

Steve said...

When I posted that I wasn't thinking about you and Derek. My, you guys are almost there. Unfortunately there is too much truth to his statement. Hopefully getting stuck in the past will become less common and lifelong learning will be the new normal.

TheSquibler said...

That quote is right on. Somewhere along the line America forgot that most intellectuals are average Joe's who dared to challenge life past their "prime".

By the way, nice blog.

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