Friday, November 05, 2010

God is moving and working in evolution to reveal his true design for humanity

The title of this post was lifted directly from Jeff's blog, where he gives profound thoughts relevant to my last two posts.  Check it out here.  He abstracted his thoughts from two podcasts he heard. I'll be thinking about it today and let take some time to soak in.

The confluence of these two thinkers - Pichon and Wright, one an orthodox Catholic the other a naturalistic agnostic - are encouraging and uplifting - both pointing, obviously unintentionally, to a reality larger than ourselves or our particular concerns but that "derives down" to imbue meaning and power in our individual existence and especially in those places and ways where we live in compassion, stand for justice, and seek to develop and support systems and institutions that advocate for the weak, the poor, the marginal and the suffering.


Paul Martin said...

To me, metaphysics of any kind always has a way of sounding made-up. I like some better than others - as a matter of personal preference or taste - but I have no conviction that anyone really knows enough about the whole whirlwind of ALL THAT IS GOING ON to write a compelling account of it.

I guess that's why I struggled through readings in divinity school and capped off that experience of suffering with a thesis on the Book of Job. But even Job had to endure relatively little theology...

Steve said...

Hi Paul. Thanks for stopping in again. I think you are right that at some level "no one really knows". I have changed worldviews twice in my lifetime, so I'm on my third one. With my first two I was more certain but have yielded that certainty. I'm further into the book and in the few pages I read last night the author mentions that the way the universe is unfolding is a meaningful story about which we can learn but which, in any one of our lifetimes, will remain an uncompleted mystery.

My turn came up and I had to cover the book of Job in our 40 minute Sunday Bible Study about a year ago. Studying for and presenting it wasn't drudgery like I thought it would be. Job is never properly answered, IMHO. God, in Job, is very happy with and enjoys his creation. It is the most ecological of Biblical books. I am sorry for your suffering.

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