Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back from San Antonio

Wife and I visited my sister and her husband in San Antonio over the weekend. Had a great time being with them. Saturday we trekked a little north of there to Fredericksburg, a place settled by Germans in the 1800's. A place of charm and gemutlichkeit. The main street has many interesting places to eat and shop. This caught my attention.

As did this.


Jason said...

I love Fredericksburg. When we lived in Austin, we used to head down there at least once a year. As a fan of German food, I was never disappointed on a visit there.

Steve said...

My brother-in-law has been looking for a decent catfish place ever since they arrived in San Antone 9 months ago. So we tried one in Fredericksburg. It was OK. Would've like to have done some German food. We'll do it next time. Even here in Knoxville I haven't found good catfish like I like. Perhaps one has to be within a hundred miles of the Missippi River. Ron's Catfish in Jonesboro is great.

John said...

I used to own a restaurant in Sulligent, AL. We breaded our raw catfish by rolling them in Sunflower self-rising cornmeal with some Tony Chachere's seasoning mixed in. Then we fried it in peanut oil at 345 degrees for 12 minutes (whole, 7-9 oz) or 8 minutes(fillet, 5-7 oz). We took it out of the fryer one at a time with tongs, allowing each piece to drain back into the fryer as much as possible. Then we laid it out on multiple layers of paper towels and blotted it with a quarter folded paper towel.

It was good and wasn't greasy.

Steve said...


That sounds good to me. Good but not greasy is a great goal. The Fredricksburg restaurant spiced their catfish, which was OK, but I was more interested in getting a good "traditional" preparation. Perhaps I need to get to Alabama more often to try out catfish there. Used to trek over to Huntsville occasionally but it has been a while.

Jason said...

Good catfish is pretty easy to come by here in Memphis--the within 100 miles of Mississippi rule you mentioned. In four years I've yet to find any place that even claims to cook any sort of German food though.

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