Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Thoughts on the Book of Job: Nature and Theodicy

My assignment for our Sunday Night Bible Study was Job. Now when you think of Job or you hear that occasional reference to him in a religious setting, you don't usually break out and sing "I'm Happy Today" or "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Down in my Heart." Or do you?

But in preparation for the class I found something that did make me feel good and start me thinking down a positive and uplifting path. I came across an article by Harry Hahne titled Nature and Theodicy in the Book of Job. His web site links to it.

Here's the opening:

The book of Job has more to say about nature than any other biblical wisdom book. Concepts of nature are woven into the dialogs throughout the book -- in the mouth of Job, Job’s friends, God himself, and in the prologue. Much of the theology of nature is in the form of implicit assumptions that inform the book’s teachings on many subjects.

More later. The morning is moving on, 5:14 am, and I need to get to work.


Kirk said...

I hadn't thought about Job's references to nature: I'll have to take a look. However, I did come across an excellent blog entry on Job and the inability of Reason to deal with the problem with human suffering:

BTW, the author of that blog was raised in the Christian Church branch of the Stone Campbell Movement. Enjoy.

Steve said...

And yes, I did enjoy. Wow, those orthodox guys write with such beauty and feeling. Not too many years ago I would have inwardly scowled at thoughts pointing to reason's failings. Yet we are sensual, feeling creatures as well as rational creatures.

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