Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Semiotic Project - from GloboChrist

Picked up Carl Raschke's GloboChrist: The Great Commission takes a Postmodern Turn. Here's something interesting form a section titled The Semiotic Project.

Western theology has historically been joined at the hip with Greek philosophy, which in turn is built on the Indo-European language structure with its subject-predicate sentence construction, inferential logic, and conceptual classification system.

human language is far richer and does far more than the heirs of Aristotle, with their focus on propositions and categories used in rational system building, could envision.

This is exciting to me. It is exciting because it opens up the possibility that there is more to learn and there is room for hope. I kinda think it is this rational system building and language structure that leads to the Dawkins/Hitchens/Bertrand Russells of the world, a world that is a mechanical dead end.

I've struggled enough with German and Greek to know that the language one speaks and knows deeply affects one's World View. The quote and the postmodern turn with its emphasis on language and metaphor provide a new angle that there is more mystery out there.

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