Thursday, February 01, 2007

Women Make Good Church Leaders

Here is part of a post (August 16) by a blogger calling themself "anthropos" at the Blog called "Theo Sunergos". It gives a succint list of reasons for women leading in the church. I've seen a lot of well reasoned articles on this but this list provides a greathard hitting summary, easy to remember and easy to communicate. I came across anthropos at another interesting site, The Church and Postmodern Culture.

Biblical Support for Female Leadership in the Church

1. Men and women are created in the image of God.
2. All four Gospel's record women as the first witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus.
3. At Pentecost the spirit of prophecy fell upon both men and women.
4. Junia was recognized by Paul as an apostle herself.
5. In Christ the distinction between male and female is overcome.
6. There are numerous scriptural references to women excercising leadership in the early church.
7. Passages in the NT in traditionally thought to be in opposition to female leadership in the church are either interpolations or capable of being interpreted in non-oppositional ways, and with good reason.

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