Thursday, May 18, 2006

De-Pathologizing Doubt

Here's a great post from Richard Beck about having religious doubts and how acknowledging them can be a good thing. It is part 9 from a series of posts on the psychology of belief. They are really good.


Mark said...

Hi, Steve:

Thanks for the link to my fledgling blog. I really appreciated the piece on de-pathologizing doubt. I think he's right on target. Rob Bell, pastor of one of the most successful outreaches to twenty-somethings (Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI) regularly has "Doubt Nights," where people can come and share their doubts about God. Amazingly, these nights are powerful doorways to faith for lots of non-believers and struggling believers.

Steve said...

Wow! Wish help like that had been around much sooner. I could have used it.

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