Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Current Readings

1. The Amazing Law of Influence by King Duncan - a positive upbeat book about people influencing other people. My friend and boss invited me to hear this man at a local Methodist church recently and I like what I heard.

2. Mapping Postmodernism by Robert C. Greer - A survey of christian approaches to postmodernism by a former missionary. Pretty deep. Still soaking it in.

3. Restoring the First-century Church in the Twenty-first Century - Essays on the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, In Honor of Don Haymes, ed. by Warren Lewis and Hans Rollman. Lots of good stories here.

4. Evangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement - ed. by William R. Baker Essays on whether or not SC churches are evangelical or not etc. I have never identified with evangelicals.


Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed reading your comments immensely. I have found them thought provoking and inspiring. Your example of being a humble seeker has made a lasting impact on me. Thank you!

Here are some books I have been reading on.

1. The Spectrum of Consciousness by Ken Wilber - his integration of Eastern and Western philosophies with science and psychology is truly fascinating. I can read his influence on many authors I have read in the past.

2. The Simple Feeling of Being by Ken Wilber - a wonderful compilation of Wilber's writings derived from his own meditation and inner relfection. I have found it mystical, inspirational, and a sincere attempt to explain a gift that truly can only be experienced.

3. Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza - story of a woman who survived the Rwandan genocide. She layed in a bathroom floor (4ft x 3ft) for 91 days. Her story of hardship and circumstance moves me now. She went to Unversity and studied Physics and Math, and her brother was the only person in their village to have a Masters degree. Her beauty reinforces my belief in the good of humanity.

The Church on the Other Side by Brian McLaren - Thanks so much. I have enjoyed it. No doubt pioneering new ground concerning Christianity in our ever changing world.

Please continue your posts. I am beginning to write myself. I am
humbled by the exercise, but grateful to attempt. Please stay in touch. I hope all well with you and yours.

Your nephew

Steve said...


And you are an encouragement to me. I went ahead and ordered the two Wilber books you mentioned and look forward to reading them. I likewise am humbled by the exercise of writing. I erase most of what I've written since it comes out different when viewed than when thought.


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