Saturday, January 21, 2006

Church of Christ Biology Professor and Evolution

I've recently discovered a Church of Christ Biology Professor who in my opinion is stepping in the right direction. His name is Daniel Brannan and he teaches at Abilene Christian University.

At the Metanexus site he reviews a book, Philip Clayton's God and Contemporary Science. Dan and Phil are tackling the boundary between Science and Theology.


Jay said...

Hi. I did my undergrad at ACU. Dan's a real nice guy. He's gotten into the philosophy of things more(?) than the biology -- not that this is a bad thing.

I noticed you added me to your blogroll and thus came over... I also grew up in the COC and have chosen to stay, though I often find myself at odds with the powers that be.

I've also read some of McLaren, and like what I've read. said...

Thanks for the kudos. I stumbled on this webpage looking for other items. Other on-line items I've written are now available for your purusal:

These are my first forays into bona fide, peer reviewed theology journals. Hope you find them up-lifting and useful in loving Jesus and science.
Dan Brannan

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